GAINESVILLE: The University of Florida Sikh Student Association hosted their annual event at Turlington Plaza on Friday to help raise awareness about the Sikh faith and the Turban (Dastar).

The key purpose of the event is to educate students and residents about the significance of the Dastar in the Sikh faith.

Attendees had the opportunity to have a Dastar tied upon them following which they were asked to wear it for an hour and then come back to share their experience.

President of the UF Sikh Student Association Bhagatveer Singh Sangha (pictured above) stated:

“I guess if we just tie them a turban and then take it off right away, it doesn’t serve our purpose. Once they get a turban tied they move around and then they come back and tell us their experiences and other peoples reactions. That way they can relate much better.”

The organisers say they are happy to see the event grow each year, and they hope that it helps to give people a new perspective about being Sikh.