Our History

In the ethnic television category, there were numerous stations in Europe but none whatsoever dedicated to the Sikh faith and to a community making a significant contribution to everyday European life. Sikh Channel is the FIRST broadcasting channel of its kind in the world broadcasting Sikh religious and cultural shows around the clock across the world.

Sikh Channel has managed to fill a huge void within the world of television, being the first channel to focus upon the essence of the Sikh faith, providing a European free-to-air television platform for Sikhs and non-Sikhs alike. The channel has proved to be a hit within the European Sikh community and become an integral part of their lives.

Our Vision

Sikh Channel is a community television station based upon the principles of the Sikh faith but includes programming for all, Sikhs and non-Sikhs alike. The central theme and objective of the channel is to unite communities with the assistance of the universal message of the Sikh faith. Sikh Channel acts as a conduit for promoting participation and interest in the local community and greater understanding between all faiths with a strong commitment to intra-faith.

Sikh Channel endeavours to improve the quality of life, in particular for the elderly and housebound who are disconnected with the local community and also to connect the next generation Sikhi.

Our Content

International Broadcast Control Centre – Our state of the art studio in the heart of Birmingham, UK, broadcasts daily Live television shows from across the world.

London Live Broadcast Studio – Our new studio further enhances our appeal and live programming.

Sikh Channel provides diverse, informative and interesting television which is accessible to the masses providing them with extensive knowledge about the Sikh faith and the current issues and affairs related to it.

Sikh Channel also provides a wide variety of spiritual programmes including Kirtan (religious hymns), Katha (religious discourse), in addition to news, documentaries, chat shows and children’s programmes. Viewers are constantly invited to participate and present their own views; making Sikh Channel a great platform for thought, contemplation and discussion.

Programming is featured in English and Punjabi languages with advice shows dealing with health, social, legal and community matters.

Sikh Channel caters for all generations, genders and viewpoints making it the ultimate “People’s Channel”.


Current Viewership

Sikh Channel is an established broadcaster and community television station serving over four million Sikhs in worldwide and now in Canada on Rogers TV and Bell Fibe. Furthermore, Sikh Channel has millions of additional viewers online. The channel is currently available to viewers outside Europe online via www.sikhchannel.tv and through iOS and Android apps for phones and/or tablets and now for the first time in history, a Sikh faith channel is available in any part of the world on most Smart TVs .

Accordingly, our unique offering has attracted huge interest and a large audience worldwide. Our dedicated team ensures online social media such as Facebook and Twitter are kept up-to-date with current affairs, which reaches over 32,000 followers on a daily basis. Our Youtube Video on-Demand service has attracted over 2,423,000 video hits..

Our Programmes

Sikh Channel provides more academic shows in which prominent lecturers discuss the Sikh faith in both English and Punjabi languages. Catering for the professional, student and academic audiences, this format has proved highly successful.

Sikh Channel has invested in innovative and cutting-edge pilot programmes such as The Breakfast Show, Kaun Banega Gursikh Pyara and Giani Mastermind. As demonstrated by our wide range of programming, Sikh Channel is providing a platform for millions of Sikhs to unite through many different means.

Our Projects

At Sikh Channel we are not just a television station, we pride ourselves in serving the Panth. Part of our core values is to spread Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s message, and bring millions of Sikhs together through, our seva. We immerse ourselves in projects which benefit the Panth. In 2011 we initiated the first ever Dastar awareness day. We run our very own matrimonial site, helping our fellow Sikhs find their life partner. We honour hardworking members of our Panth, in the form of the Peoples Awards.