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With there being an estimated 500,000 Sikhs in the United Kingdom and over 2,000,000 across the whole of Europe the Sikh Channel is the best place to advertise to the whole of the Sikh community. The Sikh community is a growing community with a high average disposable income so no matter what service you provide or product you sell it is a great market to try to expand into. No Matter where you go across the UK and Europe every Sikh person will have heard of Sikh channel..

The channel is the first International broadcast television station to focus on the essence of the Sikh faith. With our varied programming providing education, entertainment, culture and religious programs for Sikhs and non-Sikhs alike, we reach out to all of the market no matter age or knowledge. 

We also broadcast globally via our website and mobile phone applications. Whether you are a small company or an international company or whether you have just opened or have been open for 30 years we are the right channel to help you promote your business across the wider community.

We cater for all so if advertising on the Sikh Channel CIC is something that interests you give us a call on +44 (0)121 380 1050 or email us today on [email protected]

You can also Email direct on [email protected] for adverts and quick response.