CALIFORNIA: A Sikh man who was the victim of a suspected hate crime has been recognised in the city of Turlock, California for the endless good deeds he has done for the community.

Surjit Singh Malhi proudly thumbed through the pages of his scrapbook Thursday. The book is full of proud memories his good deed which have not gone unoticed.

Surjit Singh Malhi’s selfless service to the community were recognised on Thursday evening when he was honoured by the Turlock Chamber of Commerce as Citizen of the Year.

“He is always on the front lines whenever there’s a need,” said Devinder Singh Bains, who is on the Turlock Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors.

Speaking following the annoucement. Surjit Singh said “I’m very excited, yeah, just feeling great”.

Devinder Singh Bains said Surjit Singh’s tireless efforts have provided those affected by tragedies, disasters and wildfires some solace.

“He’s distributing the cookies and milk and hot chocolate, and he’s just a good soul,” said Devinder Singh.

Surjit Singh said it’s all about giving back to the community. He hopes others learn by his example and do the same for their communities.

But Surjit Singh is no stranger to devastation himself. In August, two men attacked him and shouted at him to “go back to your country.”

With the hate behind him, he is now focused on giving back to his adopted homeland.

“People give blood to build this country, what (have) I done, you know? It’s always the question coming from my heart,” said Surjit Singh.