CALIFORNIA: After over a month of preparations, the Sikh community in Sutter County is putting the finishing touches to the annual Nagar Kirtan and celebrations that will draw over one hundred thousands visitors to Yuba City in California this weekend.

A Sikh Channel team travelled specially from the United Kingdom to provide coverage of the preparations leading up to the Nagar Kirtan as well as broadcasting the events to millions across the world.

The Sikh Temple (Gurdwara) Yuba City on Tierra Buena Road was awash with activity and temporary tents on the eve of one of the biggest gatherings of Sikh outside of the Indian subcontinent. Acres of vendor tents were being prepared for the marketplace on the grounds and hundreds of restrooms were at the ready along Sunday’s four mile Nagar Kirtan route.

Half a dozen large kitchens have been set up and members of the Sikh community have been preparing Langar and food for the past week. The event mobilises all sections of the Sikh community who volunteer their labour and donations including tons of foods and provisions to cater for those attending the event.

The event is also educational and includes tours of the Gurdwara Sahib as well as Kirtan (religious hymns), Katha (religious discourse and a variety of activities for all sections of society.

The Nagar Kirtan is an annual fixture scheduled to coincide with and celebrate the first installation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Local Sikhs settled in the are at the turn of the centruty and the Nagar Kirtan and associated celebrations were first held in Yuba City thirty-nine years ago. Now thousands from far and wide attend the event.

Yuba City Nagar Kirtan also coincides with the Sikh Channel USA Tour 2018 where amongst exclusive coverage of events, interviews with special personalities, Sevadars and members of the community, Sikh Channel will be hosting Ekta Sehaj Paath events to unite the Sikh community in prayer for peace and the betterment of one and all.