USA: Man Sentenced For Seattle Area Attack On Sikh Taxi Driver

WASHINGTON: Rory Benson was was sentenced to 15 months in prison last Friday after pleading guilty to the December 16, 2017 assault of Swarn Singh with a deadly weapon. Mr. Singh is a 53-year-old Sikh American husband and father who works in the Seattle-area as a taxi driver. The Sikh Coalition represented Singh and provided free […]

Canada: Sikh Participation at the Parliament of World Religions in Toronto

ONTARIO: The Sikh Council for Interfaith Relations (SCIR) coordinated the Sikh participation and presentations at the 2015 Salt Lake City Parliament of the World’s Religions at which about 300 Sikhs attended from across the world. In view of the November 2018 Toronto Parliament of World Religions, a Parliament Sikh Task Force was established by SCIR in […]