Canada: Ontario Khalsa Darbar To List Nutritional Information On Langar Menus

ONTARIO: One of the largest Gurdwaras in Canada is to become the first place of worship to implement a menu labelling initiative to support congregants in making informed choices when partaking in communal meals. Ontario Khalsa Darbar attracts a congregation from across the Greater Toronto Area who regularly partake in the Sikh practice of Langar, a […]

Canada: Sikh Community Donate To Hospital And Cancer Stem Cell Campaign

ONTARIO: The Sikh Sangat (Community) of Gurdwara Baba Budha Ji, Hamilton, Ontario has donated $10,000 to the Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre’s Tomorrow Stems From You campaign, and committed to give annually to the hospital. The campaign supports stem cell work at the Juravinski — one of just three centres doing all forms of stem cell […]

Canada: Huge gathering to commemorate Sikh Remembrance Day Ceremony in Kitchener, Ontario

ONTARIO: A huge gathering of military personnel, community members, historians, veterans and politicians gathered at Mount Hope Cemetery in Kitchener on Sunday at a site that become the gathering place to commemorate the annual Sikh Remembrance Day ceremony. The site marks the final resting place of Private Buckam Singh, who died in 1919 and is the only […]

Canada: Sikh Participation at the Parliament of World Religions in Toronto

ONTARIO: The Sikh Council for Interfaith Relations (SCIR) coordinated the Sikh participation and presentations at the 2015 Salt Lake City Parliament of the World’s Religions at which about 300 Sikhs attended from across the world. In view of the November 2018 Toronto Parliament of World Religions, a Parliament Sikh Task Force was established by SCIR in […]

Canada: Sikh Remembrance Day Ceremony in Kitchener, Ontario

ONTARIO: The annual Sikh Remembrance Day Ceremony will take place at the grave of WWI Canadian hero Pvt. Buckam Singh, Mount Hope Cemetery, Kitchener, Ontario on Sunday 4 November 2018 from 2.30 to 3.30PM. The Sikh Remembrance Day Ceremony has become one of the largest annual gathering of Sikh soldiers and veterans in North America […]