Shakshiyat E Panjab

Shakshiyat E Punjab

Shakshiyat E Punjab is a series of interviews with prominent people in the Panjab region of india

Let’s Talk

Lets Talk

Let’s talk is a talk show hosted by some of the women from S.W.A.N.(Sikh Women’s Awareness Network) where they delve into discussions on various topics surrounding their own lives and the Sikh community in general.

Jagmeet Singh NDP

Jagmeet Singh NDP

All Sikh Channel Episodes & Programmes related to Jagmeet Singh NDP

Vaisakhi 2018

happy Vaisakhi 2018

A collection of programs covered by Sikh Channel during Vaisakhi 2018

Behind The Headlines

Behind The Headlines

Behind the headlines is a news discussion show that shines a light on the biggest story of the week

Sikhs In…

Sikhs In...

Sikhs In media is a series of interviews to highlight Sikhs in prominent positions. Whether it’s in media, online, sports etc.

Our Sikh World

Our Sikh World

Dr. Kanwalijit Kaur-Singh OBE & Mrs. Amar Kaur Maker discuss a variety of topics relating to the sikh faith.