Ekta Sehaj Paath

IN COMMEMORATION OF Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s 550th Gurpurab

This will truly be the FIRST Ekta Sehaj Paath in which Sikhs from the whole Sikh diaspora will unite and partake together, fulfilling our mission statement of ‘Bringing Millions of Sikhs Together’. Please join us and dedicate one Sehaj Paath in our lifetime to our Guru Sahibs.

Daily Hukhumnama

Each show is blessed with a Hukhamnama from Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj, followed by Live Hukhamnama explanations by Bhai Amardeep Singh Ji at Guru Arjun Dev Ji Gurdwara, Derby

Sikh Channel Canada

Sikh Channel Canada Catch Up Here you’ll find all of our programming coming out of our Vancouver and Toronto Studios.

Sikh Channel Business Show

The Sikh Channel Business Show Catch Up The Sikh Channel Business show is hosted by Davinder Singh Bal, Chairman of The Sikh Channel. Every episode we see a different guest from the business world from a variety of sectors and Davinder finds out more about their companies, gets advice on how to grow and handle […]

Sikh Mastermind

Sikh Mastermind

Sikh Mastermind Catch Up Sikh Mastermind is a gameshow that puts knowledge to the test. Find all of the past episodes here.

Apni Soch

Apni Soch Catch Up Apni Soch is a series created by Sikh Channel to challenge the perceptions and stigma around mental health. Every episode sees a new health professional explaining not only mental health issues and how they can be treated but also what exactly their respective roles are and in what situation they are […]

Your Saheli

Your Saheli Catch Up Jas Saikhon, Founder of Your Saheli (Women’s Network), hosts a chat show to speak to women of the network about a variety of subjects they specialise in.

Sikh Channel Aid Events

Sikh Channel Aid[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4hch6zzKXZTSwvh9hWFXM4k6Xipi4nkm&layout=gallery[/embedyt]

Sikh Philosophy

Sikh Philosophy

Dr Sadhu Singh & Avtar Singh go over various topics in Sikhi from a philosophical perspective.

My Journey

My Journey

My Journey is a series of documentaries from the public where they take us along on their journey through india. Discover a different india every time.