RUDRAPUR: A Sikh driver has been allegedly assaulted, shot and had his Turban violated in the city of Rudrapur on Friday by officers of the Uttarakhand Police.

Witnesses gathered at the Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Gole Market state that the victim had committed a minor traffic violation when he mistakingly entered a no entry area. The driver was stopped by police officers and is reported to have accepted the traffic violation, asking officers to issue a penalty or seize his vehicle as per Indian policing norms.

Following the interaction, witnesses allege the driver was forcibly removed from his vehicle by police officers who proceeded to pull the driver’s Turban off. A physical alteration ensued during which a police officer is stated to have initially fired into the air and then fired downwards, reportedly shooting towards the driver’s legs.

The driver is currently understood to be in Uttarakhand Police custody and further information including an official police response on the incident is being sought.

Upon witnessing the incident, large numbers of the local Sikhs gathered to protest the alleged police actions. The large protests were met by a police lathi charge.

Significant numbers of Sikhs and community leaders gathered at Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Gole Market, Rudrapur expressed outrage over the incident.

Members of the congregation gathered at the Gurdwara stated the incident is the latest in a series of similar events where Sikh drivers have been deliberately targeted and harassed.

Further updates to follow…..