MOGA: Over recent days, various media outlets have reported high moisture content as creating hurdles in the paddy procurement process in Moga district. This has allegedly resulted in the subsequent delay of paddy arriving in the grain markets.

At the same time, Punjabi farmers have repeatedly complained that inspectors from grain purchase agencies are making them wait several days under allegations that the moisture levels in their crop exceed the permissable limit. The government has issued specific guidelines to purchase paddy with moisture content up to 17 percent however grain agencies claim that most of the foodgrain arriving in the markets has a moisture content of more than 20 percent.

Under such allegations, farmers allege that the weight of their crop is being reduced by several kilograms per bag, resulting in significant financial loss.

Amidst the claims, a video has surfaced on the Facebook account of Darshveer Gill Dhudike in which farmers from Moga district expose how the method used by inspectors to deposit paddy into the moisture detection meters are being utilised to distort the results in favour of the grain agencies.

The viral video shows that when grains are deposited by the agency inspector from a particular height, the resultant reading indicates a higher moisture content. When the same grains are deposited by the farmers in a consolidated manner, the moisture level readings drop considerably. The process is repeated by the farmers several times resulting in similar lower moisture readings on each occasion.

The video has come amidst farmers allegations of exploitation by purchase agencies and their inspectors. They allege that the deliberate delays and false claims of excess moisture are being conducted to secure more grain for lower rates.