GERMANY: One of the Islamic terrorists responsibile for the 2016 bombing of a Gurdwara in Essen, Germany is due to give evidence in the trial against the suspected head of Islamic State in Germany, Abu Walaa.

Nineteen year old Yusuf T from Gelsenkirchen was convicted for the 2016 bombing at Gurdwara Nanaksar Satsang Darbar in Essen during which three Sikhs were wounded. A court sentenced him to seven years in prison following which he is said to have told investigators how he had been radicalised by Abu Walaa. He is understood to have told officials that two co-defendants, Walaas, had brainwashed him for jihadism and that Abu Walaa gave him blessings for the bomb attack on the Gurdwara.

Abu Walaa is on trial with four other defendants for membership of the terrorist group, Islamic State. The defendents are said to have radicalised young people in the Ruhr and Hildesheim areas of Germany and sent them to fight for the Islamic State. The trial of men has been going on for more than a year.

In Spring, the convicted terrorist reported that he wished to testify against Abu Walaa. Yusuf T was supposed to testify in Celle however, he is understood to have backed out as he felt deceived by the officials. Now the 18-year-old is ready to testify, according to the Higher Regional Court. Yusuf gave evidence to an official of the State Office for Criminal Investigation Dusseldorf. He has described Abu Walaa  a “big fish”.

The defendants are alleged to have taken care of recruitment of new supporters of the Islamic State, especially in the Ruhr area, and allocated different roles such as sending some to IS-combat areas, preparing others for potential attacks in Germany and the procurement of weapons.